I’m in blue again. I’m so drawn to all the pastel colours i think i’m in denial of the winter coming and still holding on to that little bit of calm colour pleasure.

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This is my first Jumper of the season. First one i’ve purchased and first time i’ve worn it now the weather is a lot cooler. The colour is so cute and the detail on the shoulder is gorgeous. Who said wool jumpers are for grandma’s.

Metallic shoes are going to be big this AW13 so i’m pretty sure you’ll see more of these in my posts but i promise i’m done with the pastel blues now 😉 i need me some tartan and check prints in my life!!!

I’m off to find me some tartan what prints have you seen that you’re dying to wear this winter i’d love to know.

Lots of love

Ms Ferox




I know i’m a bit slow as July’s nearly over but had to do a post on these gorgeous Sleek pout paints that were in my Glossy box this month.


For anyone that doesn’t know glossy box is a beauty box subscription. Each month you receive an amazing box full of trial and sample size goodies that are suited to you with all the information about the products, How to use them and where you can buy the full sized product If you want to. You can see all of their brands they use and box details HERE

This month these amazing Sleek pout paints were inside. I’ve always wanted to use them but have literally never got round to ordering them so i was so excited to see these in my box.

Sleeks pout paint range come in a good variety of colours but more importantly they’re designed to be mixed.

IMG_6023 IMG_6030IMG_6022

The red (157 pin up) is a bright vibrant red that alone is simply stunning. I mixed a tiny amount of the Blue (163 peek-a-bloo) to create a rich dark chocolate cherry colour, it looked good enough to eat and with the fantastic high gloss shine it really gives an elegance and glamour to it.

IMG_6025 IMG_6026 IMG_6027 IMG_6028 IMG_6029

On my lip i used MAC Lip pencil in Current. The finished look gives a real luscious look. I love how rich and shiny the finish is. The colour lasts really well but i would recommend maybe mixing the gloss’ into a small tester pot that you can get from most cosmetic stores and using a brush to apply as the gloss is thick and it could get quite messy.


You can check out what else Sleek have to offer and the rest of their pout paint colours HERE .

I’m looking forward now to playing a bit more and mixing the blue with different pinks for a rich purple colour.

What do you guy’s think. Do you like the idea of having a bit of fun and mixing your own colour or prefer just to have a standard lip gloss or stick i’d love to know.

Here’s a short video of how i created my pout paint look HERE

Lots of love

Ms Ferox



Since Beyonce was spotted on her Mrs Carter world tour wearing this CND Vinylux colour, the nail artists, technicians and fans alike all went crazy for it, hence why it has sold old world wide!! Honestly i have CND account and have tried getting it. The waiting list was out standing.

So you can imagine my complete excitement when a good friend of mine turns up at my house casually wearing this on her toes claiming she owns a bottle!!! WHAT!!! “Please best friend in the world can i borrow it” “Of course you can” (thanks liz).


So CND GILDED PLEASURE #115, it really is a pleasure to have you on my tips.

I applied two coats of the colour quickly followed by the CND Vinylux top coat which is non chipping and long lasting. In fact as time goes on the nails become more durable therefore less likely to chip the longer it’s on.

The colour is amazing, it bends from gold, bronze, coral, green and blue in the light but holds and strong green and gold tone constantly. It was easy to apply as the polish itself is quite a thin consistency yet the coverage is fantastic. I can’t stop looking at my nails and moving them around in the light 🙂

Sadly i’ve handed it back to my friend now but with a bit of luck my gilded pleasure will arrive soon.

What do you guys think of the colour. I’m doing make up for a mermaid themed photo shoot soon and this has given me some inspiration on colours and texture.

I’ll update on friday as to how it’s lasted.

Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox



The weather has been beautiful this weekend so we made the most of getting out and enjoying it while it last’s.

We went on a lovely country walk and ventured through a stunning poppy field covering acres of land. It was beautiful but all our legs are cut and scratched to pieces!! Note to self: Wear industrial farmers attire on next country walk!!!! 😉








I love this denim pinafore dress it’s so easy as you can wear any top or blouse underneath and it looks great. The leather straps take the ‘dungaree’ look away and add a  little bit more of a  girlie delicate feel.

I’m crochet obsessed at the moment so wearing this crop underneath was first thing i thought of when getting dressed and it also added that extra country feel to my outfit.

What do you think? Are you all finally enjoying wearing all your summer delights?

Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox



We’ve had this sitting on the side for ages and finally have got round to using it. The nails inc limited edition polish ‘feathers’.



The polish has been made up of real tiny feather particles. There were four different shades but we went all patriotic and got the polish named Brighton!! of course!!

The polish is fine and the coverage isn’t great so an under colour is definitely what is needed.

I chose Essie Mint Candy Apple as it is similar colour to the Brighton feather. Like a crackle though i think it would look good over a pink or lilac as well for a different effect. 



It has a strange effect, you can see that it does look feathery and almost fluffy but on the other hand (no pun intended) it almost looks like a speckled egg or even has a slight graffitti effect to it. It has a rough finish and i very gently filed the edges to remove the little bits of feathers hanging of the end as they felt really rough.



I always like to mix a manicure up and i love mix match so on my ring finger i used Top Shop Mannequin it’s a perfect nude and looks lovely against the pastel green tones of the mint candy apple and Brighton feather’s then i just added some square stud’s for the little extra jazz. 


I’m Liking the look and am looking forward to experimenting with the feathers polish with different under colour’s and style’s.


What has been your favourite limited edition polish from nails inc lately. We’d love to know and give it a try or to see your picture’s.


Lots Of Love


Ms Ferox