11 thoughts on “BABYLISS PRO CURLER

  1. Been reading loads about this, good to see someone who has actually used it. Looks lovely! I swear by babyliss stuff, this might be my next purchase! nyaft.wordpress.com

      • I swear by my wand. I’ve got curly hair naturally, but have straightened it so much it doesn’t curl any more. The wand is the only thing that actually keeps my curls, don’t even need to use hair spray on it. Tend to curl the ends rather than whole head. You have to get one!! Xx

      • Same here with the hair I had ringlets as a child and still I get them under neath when I leave it to dry naturally but years of straightening its always in between straight, frizzy, curly mess haha. I’m so getting a wand will let u know how i get on xx

  2. Ooh, just saw this on a blog yesterday, but they did not show the end results. I’m really impressed, your curls look so cute!

  3. I saw a demo on it also, of course I wanted it so I looked it up on Amazon, they run about $300 USD. I really want to buy one but didn’t know anyone that had used it so I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Thanks for the post!

    • well today i’ve been given a babyliss pro wand so i’m gonna try that out tomorrow and i’ll let you know how i go with that and what i prefer. xx

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