Since Beyonce was spotted on her Mrs Carter world tour wearing this CND Vinylux colour, the nail artists, technicians and fans alike all went crazy for it, hence why it has sold old world wide!! Honestly i have CND account and have tried getting it. The waiting list was out standing.

So you can imagine my complete excitement when a good friend of mine turns up at my house casually wearing this on her toes claiming she owns a bottle!!! WHAT!!! “Please best friend in the world can i borrow it” “Of course you can” (thanks liz).


So CND GILDED PLEASURE #115, it really is a pleasure to have you on my tips.

I applied two coats of the colour quickly followed by the CND Vinylux top coat which is non chipping and long lasting. In fact as time goes on the nails become more durable therefore less likely to chip the longer it’s on.

The colour is amazing, it bends from gold, bronze, coral, green and blue in the light but holds and strong green and gold tone constantly. It was easy to apply as the polish itself is quite a thin consistency yet the coverage is fantastic. I can’t stop looking at my nails and moving them around in the light 🙂

Sadly i’ve handed it back to my friend now but with a bit of luck my gilded pleasure will arrive soon.

What do you guys think of the colour. I’m doing make up for a mermaid themed photo shoot soon and this has given me some inspiration on colours and texture.

I’ll update on friday as to how it’s lasted.

Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox



7 thoughts on “CND GILDED PLEASURE

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