Last week we held a givaway for 2 people to go spend the weekend at Brighton Fashion weekend. The Lucky Girls who won Were Jade Who is an aspiring fashion photographer and Model, and Rachel who is an Arbonne consultant and district Manger. They had an amazing time so we thought we’d share their weekend with you as we couldn’t be there. All photography is by Jade you can check out her Tumblr and Facebook page here

Rachel and Jade Pawsey Our Givaway Winners.

Rachel and Jade Pawsey Our Givaway Winners.

 The ‘Show Reel’ Show. Designer Katarzyna Konieczka. 

tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo8_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo2_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo9_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo3_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo5_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo4_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo10_1280

(Jade Pawsey Photography)

This was the girls Favourite show of the weekend. Big attention to detail on every piece the whole line looks fantastic. Jean Paul Gaultier x Alexander Mcqueen is what springs to mind for us. Looks great.

Curve Couture

tumblr_mojldoSLE31qkfutxo1_1280 tumblr_mojldoSLE31qkfutxo3_1280 tumblr_mojldoSLE31qkfutxo5_1280 tumblr_mojldoSLE31qkfutxo6_1280 tumblr_mok6o5vh7B1qkfutxo8_1280

(Jade Pawsey Photography)

Beautiful pieces from the curve couture collection. Model Ellie Watson Stole the show looking stunning and showcasing these fantastic garments.

We’re so Glad the Girls enjoyed themselves. Small weekends of fashion in your home town are great. Everything was  Put together and sponsored by amazing teams of people and the designers were better than ever. Next Fashion week for us is London in September again and where it all started for us so we can not wait.

Do you have any Fashion weekends in your town we’d love to read about it and the designers showcasing.

Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox



6 thoughts on “BRIGHTON FASHION WEEKEND 2013

  1. Wow, thank you thank you for sharing these fabulous photos! What gorgeous pieces and the models look just stunning. Especially love the high cut legs and lace!

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