I’ve been pretty lucky with my magazines this month. It seemed to be the month of the freebie which is always nice. I love trying new things.


This month the best magazine freebie had to be the Nails Inc Polish With In Style Magazine. They put out three different pastel colours from their new range.

I chose the Totes pink As that’s exactly what it is. A gorgeous baby/bubblegum pink. Very cute. Very Totes.

IMG_4420 IMG_4421

I love Matte colours, I love a shiny matt rather than pearlised or shimmer polishes. These Nails inc ones are just perfect. The polish covered really well, no streaks it looked even all over which sometimes can be the bain of a matt polish as they can sometimes look uneven.

I always like doing a bit of nail art to mix things up a bit and this week i decided on a few roses. Sadly i ended up smudging them slightly 😦 but you can still see the effect i was looking for.


Make sure your following us on vine for all different nail and make up looks, outfits and the odd pet vine 😉  If you don’t here’s a clip of my nails for this week

Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox



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