After a heavy weekend in Las Vegas and the long haul flight my skin was seriously suffering.

I have terrible dehydrated problematic skin as it is so sleep deprivation and air con do me no favours what so ever.

Luckily for me i had this amazing face mask waiting for me upon my return.


GUINOT MASQUE REVELATEUR LUMIERE (instant brightening mask) is a new mask by the parisian skin care experts. The professional, sophisticated skin care line have created this mask as part of their brightening range that is mainly specified to combat pigmentation and uneven skin. This mask though can be used as part of a 7 day brightening  course to combat pigmentation or as an individual treatment to combat a sallow complexion and tired looking skin in just 10 minutes.

The main ingrediants being Melanoxyl which slows the production of UV induced melanin which causes us to go brown but also creates pigmentation patches and stabilised vitamin c which helps protect the skin from free radicals and boosts collagen synthesis and instantly brightens your complexion.



As soon as i opened the packet the smell of vitamin c was just divine. The instructions of how to apply are all on the packaging so its pretty idiot proof.

The mask is folded inside and is so so soft, like Egyptian cotton,  It was easy to apply, you just need to fiddle about with it a bit once its on to get it comfortable around your eyes and mouth.

Once it was on it felt so nice. What with the smell and its softness i could already tell this was going to have a great result. I kept doing circular massage movements with my fingers across my face to really help my skin penetrate all the ingredients.

I removed it after 11 mins to be precise (i got carried away watching the voice). My skin was glowing, GLOWING. It felt amazing as well. So hydrated and instantly looked firmer and more supple. I’m really freckly but my skin tone looked so radiant and much more even.





Four days on my skin is still feeling really soft and i haven’t had any of my usual dry flakey bits return. My skin is still clear of any pimples and is most definitely looking a lot brighter and healthier.

I cant recommend this mask enough. You get 7 in a box which like i say you can use as an intense treatment or just a good 7 weeks worth of boosts to keep your skin bright, fresh and hydrated.

For more information on Guinot and their extensive product and treatment range go to All their treatments and products are professional only.

Thank you Beauty works for letting me experience this mask . Please check them out for all High quality face and body treatments

Here shows my before, application and after, make sure you look

What do you think? What other masks or brands do you swear by?


Lots Of Love

Ms Ferox




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