Today i took it upon myself to sort out a few of my clothes drawers!! I done the classic and pulled a few things out i had forgotten i had!! RESULT!! 

What i was surprised about were the amount of leggings i had? Does one girl really need 4 pairs of wet look leggings, 2 pairs of disco pants and 2 pairs of leather look leggings! Not to mention the monochrome, dog tooth, floral, tie dye patterned leggings that were also stuffed at the bottom of the drawer.




I do love a good legging though. They’re easy to put on and go with pretty much most things. You can wear them with trainers, boots, shoes, whatever you fancy and nothing get’s compromised. You can wear them day or night, dress them up or down, they’re the most versatile piece of clothing I’ve ever known.




My personal favourites that i own are these gorgeous ALEXANDER McQUEEN BUTTERFLY leggings, I just love them. So effective with their pattern all you need is a simple Black top and they still look amazing, They’re silky material is so comfortable it makes them even easier to wear. 

What do you have too much of in your drawers or wardrobe that you cant live without? When speaking to a friend today she said she had over 20 cardigans!!!! Think i’ll leave that for another post 😉 


Lots of love


Ms Ferox




13 thoughts on “LEGGING LOVER

  1. I would wear the heck out of that outfit. Everything is lovely! And the booties… Been struggling for AGES to find something similar in South Africa. Ridiculously awesome.

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