It’s the pre-kend at last and what better way to celebrate than with an outfit post.


TIE DYE DRESS FROM http://www.peppermint.uk.com

We Love a bit of tie dye. The ombre/tie dye Look is big, It’s rarely been out of fashion since psychedelic 60’s/punk 80’s era and we’re not surprised. It’s such a fun pattern (can you call it that) and we don’t think there’s an item of clothing that hasn’t been tie dyed over the years of its existence.

This dress is Perfect. It’s very on trend midi length with the classic grey tie dye ‘pattern’ hits all the right buttons. It fits like a body con so those little handy No line knickers are needed. We recommend Mark and Spencer ones they’re perfect and you can’t see a knicker line at all.


SHOE BOOTS FROM http://www.missguided.co.uk

These shoe boots go perfect with this dress but for a more casual look a pair of Vans or converse would still look great and be totally fitting with the style and look of the dress.


FELT PORK PIE HAT FROM http://www.asos.com

These days a look isn’t finished until you have your hat on. They’ve been around a while now and don’t seem to be going anywhere, perfect for bad hair days and completing an outfit with  that edgy look. We love our pork pie, trilby, bowler hats and now the summer is coming you’ll be seeing us in them a lot more.

Hope you all have that friday feeling like us. Have a great weekend.

Lots of Love

Ms Ferox



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