We’ve had this sitting on the side for ages and finally have got round to using it. The nails inc limited edition polish ‘feathers’.



The polish has been made up of real tiny feather particles. There were four different shades but we went all patriotic and got the polish named Brighton!! of course!!

The polish is fine and the coverage isn’t great so an under colour is definitely what is needed.

I chose Essie Mint Candy Apple as it is similar colour to the Brighton feather. Like a crackle though i think it would look good over a pink or lilac as well for a different effect. 



It has a strange effect, you can see that it does look feathery and almost fluffy but on the other hand (no pun intended) it almost looks like a speckled egg or even has a slight graffitti effect to it. It has a rough finish and i very gently filed the edges to remove the little bits of feathers hanging of the end as they felt really rough.



I always like to mix a manicure up and i love mix match so on my ring finger i used Top Shop Mannequin it’s a perfect nude and looks lovely against the pastel green tones of the mint candy apple and Brighton feather’s then i just added some square stud’s for the little extra jazz. 


I’m Liking the look and am looking forward to experimenting with the feathers polish with different under colour’s and style’s.


What has been your favourite limited edition polish from nails inc lately. We’d love to know and give it a try or to see your picture’s.


Lots Of Love


Ms Ferox


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