Mulling through the internet as you do on a saturday afternoon i started thinking to myself what do i NEED in my wardrobe for day to day wear!! What is there for me to chuck on in the morning to do the school run, pop to the shops or run a tonne of errands around town.

With this i decided to do a little wish list. Typical me my wish list for day to day wear is a little bit luxurious but not totally outside the box. After all it is a WISH LIST, therefore things i wish to have one day. 




1. Number 1 being my number 1 wish for the last year or even longer!! The beautiful Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt in green. I REALLY want one and to be totally honest don’t know why i have never got one, Of course they’re pricey for a sweatshirt but theres nothing not to love about anything Kenzo I’m obsessed with all their stuff its beautiful, its gorgeous, its adaptable for most occasions. Im always looking but never taking the buying plunge. I’ll just keep looking and of course you will all know about it when my wish comes true. http://www.kenzo.com


2. The lush mint green Nike Blazers. I currently live in my floral Nike Liberty Blazers and to be fair they’re coming to the end of their day. These are beautiful for the summer months, i think the colour will look gorge with tanned legs in shorts and will go with most colours of any outfit.


3. A beautiful coin necklace from Stella and Dot. I hadn’t known too much about the brand until recently. We have been invited to a Stella and Dot party and I’m so excited to go and check out all their stuff especially their statement necklace’s. You can see their stuff here at http://www.stelladot.com and also there’s information about holding a trunk show.


4. White Skinny Acne Jeans. I’m determined not to wear black or dark blue jeans through the summer as this winters been the longest ever known to man therefore i am definitely bored of my usual jeans. Acne Jeans are great fitting and very long lasting. White skinnies of any brand are a must have this summer but Acne Jean’s provide that little bit extra luxury in the jean department.


So here’s what I’m wishing for this weekend. What have you all been dreaming of purchasing lately? Let us know.


Lots Of Love


Ms Ferox




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