So what was one of the hottest days of spring last year was the coldest in 50 years this year!! 

Still at that cross roads of WANTING to wear your spring threads but being stuck with your winter warmers. Here’s what we think you can do to to add a bit of spring to your day look.




                                                Coat and Boots from Top Shop

                                                   Belt and Bag from Primark


The best way we’re finding to break into the spring vibes but with our winter gear still firmly on our back is by brightening our make up.


Here Kelly is wearing the beautiful Straight Ace Lipstick Made By Top Shop.



Beautiful and Bright its totally fitting for the spring and actually suits most skin tones Making you feel a bit more sunny on a dreary spring day. 

It’s a beautiful creamy consistency which is what u need in a lipstick in the cold weather to keep lips protected and hydrated. Luckily it’s long lasting so no removing your gloves to keep re applying. 

We love it and it’s definitely on our MUST HAVE list. 


Let us know what your favourite lip colour has been this chilli spring. 


Lots Of Love


Ms Ferox




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