We all love buying new garments but there are always them ones that excite us a little bit more than your average.


This month my favourite purchase has to be my orange spotty shirt from Top Shop. Image


I’m not gonna lie after fashion week my love of monochrome literally disappeared, We had seen it in every which way possible, i never wanted to see another stripe again!! So thats why when i saw this beautiful bright orange shirt with white spots i was IN LOVE. I love all bright colours and i must admit neons are my big thing at the moment. This shirt the orange isn’t neon but its bright and it stands out. That’s what i love about it. 

You can team it with pretty much anything from denim to wet look or leather in whatever form you fancy. 


I accessorised My shirt with a gold type spiked necklace from River Island and i wear it just sitting under the collar.

I can see this shirt being one of those purchases that i really do get good wear out of. Thats me happy for a little while.

What have you brought recently that you can’t wait to wear again and again? We’d love to know.


Lots Of Love


Ms Ferox




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