Hi Guys, Happy Mani Monday.


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend??

As if we didn’t have enough cocktails over fashion week we were out again showing of our glam nails at the weekend!
 We love trying out all the new nail art and creations that big brands are producing some are a bit hit and miss and caviar nails was definitely one of them for us. When we first saw the likes of the MUA cosmetics nail constellation I’ve got To admit we weren’t keen (don’t even get us started on the fur effects nails) Although their products are inexpensive which is great to create a nice nail on a low budget we felt that it looked cheap and somewhat a bit odd all them little balls on the nail. The colours didn’t grab us but we totally got the concept of how it could be a really good look. For £2.50 you can’t go wrong if you want to try something different on a budget.
Then when we got offered to try out the Nail Rock nail caviar manicure microperle  it was a great opportunity to be proven wrong. 
The colours in the pearlescent beads are beautiful the nails do generally look pearly rather than grainy and the shine in the pearlescent beads look gorgeous To top it off its so easy to use and apply.
It’s completely affordable at just £7 you get enough beads and varnish to use for at least 3-4 applications and the result as you can see is so pretty and effective. It’s completely versatile and will compliment any outfit for any occasion.
Here’s our tried and tested advice for creating your NAIL ROCK NAIL CAVIAR…
1. As always Start with clean freshly based coated nails.

2. Paint your nails with two coats of the nail rocks silver nail varnish. This alone is gorgeous and glittery.




3. Dip your nails into the nail caviar-be careful as the beads do escape so try to do this on a table or similar. TIP- There’s no need to dip your fingers completely in, only your nail as the beads seem to attract to the nail like a magnet.

4. Being careful Press firmly onto covered nails making sure they feel bedded in and stuck. 

TIP- apply a top coat or clear varnish just to set the beads and keep them in place.

Allow 15-20 mins to dry.




You are ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Let us Know what you all think of this nail look or if you have tried any other nail effects that you lie or dislikes!!

Love From 
Ms Ferox

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