Nails Inc Vodafone Red

Nails Inc Vodafone Red

If you were lucky enough to be a Vodafone customer at london fashion weekend you would have been given the chance a receiving this gorgeous free nail polish by nails inc named Vodafone Red.
It’s such a beautiful colour.
I was going to use a matte top coat then decided on the gloss.
Which do you prefer,
gloss or matte looking nails?
We’re saying gloss this time but let us know what you think!!


Ms Ferox



London Fashion Weekend Make Up look

As most girls know with pulling an outfit theres pulling the make up look to fit it. Heres how we complemented our london fashion weekend look with our make upImage




On the eyes, we used Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay On Shadow Paint in  Halo as a base all over the eye lid. It dries quick so buff in evenly and quickly.

Once this was done, from the Urban Decay “The Vice Pallet”  we put the shadow named Jagged on the inner corner of the eye, half way across the eye lid, making sure that part of the eye was completely covered. 

Then on the outer edge of the eye, slightly wing out the eyeshadow Black market also from the urban decay vice pallet, then gently work into the the middle meeting with the jagged eye shadow application and gently blend in evenly.

Around the eye we used M.A.C Smoulder Eye Kohl on the under eye and in the water line, and inside eye. Bend in with a blender brush.

On the upper lid we used M.A.C Black Trax Paint pot using a small stroke just to define the eyelid and with a small wing on the outer edge.

Get a natural Glow on the cheeks with M.A.C Peachykeen Blush stroked on the apples of the cheeks.


Finish this look with a slight ombre lip. nothing to drastic but keeping with the massive ombre trend thats so apparent at the moment. We used M.A.C’s M.A.C RED Satin lipstick on the outer corners of the mouth, spreading it out until nearing the the curve for the cupids bow, mirroring the same on the bottom lip. Watch your symmetry. The lips should look the same each side and the colour should stop at the same point.  Correct as necessary. Then starting in the middle of the bottom lip using M.A.C Lady Danger Matte Lipstick gently apply and stroke towards the outer corners meeting with the M.A.C RED gently blend but don’t cover any more of the lip. Do the same to the top lip once again taking care and keeping eye on how symmetrical your lips are. With an ombre lip symmetry is very important as the colour blend can determine the shape of a lip but don’t let that put you off trying this effective lip look out. Have a play with all your colours thats the fun of it all. 

Heres a more drastic ombre/3d lip for you to see the effect. 



This was using M.A.C Nightmoth and Ruby woo. 

Any Question Please Ask.

Lots of love


Ms Ferox